This calendar imagined as an infographic & paper sculpture, showcasing a year in colour. A year is presented a set of 52 sheets, each sheet is one week. There are 12 colours, one for each month, making 4 or 5 sheets equal to one month. The colours are chosen to reflect the prevalent season. The curve is derived from the graph of the average daily hours of sunlight, thus making the high points the sunnier and longer days, and vice versa. 
The calendar is made simply using squares of varying heights. When placed upside-down, the curved surface flattens, and the curve thus emerges in the entire form of the calendar. The sheets rotate around a pivot, one or more can be pulled out for display. The pivot holds a small pencil, and space is provided on sheets for small notes.
Roughly 5.5 by 5.5 by 7 cm in size, the piece occupies a small space on a desk. It is made using a selection of Colorplan Papers by G.F Smith. 

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